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AIVA Natural Whole Raw Almonds Unsalted No Shell 5 Lb YHLTLDIOX

AIVA Natural Whole Raw Almonds Unsalted No Shell 5 Lb YHLTLDIOX

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Our almonds are 100% natural without any of the nasty additives, so that you get all that wholesome go. Packed in AIVA BrandUNBELIEVABLY FRESH: INCREDIBLY VERSATILE; they allow you to do tons in the kitchen.We scour our almonds from the USA and then seal them in our heavy-duty packaging to guarantee nothing but freshnessWhip-up some cranberry bread, throw them in a smoothie or make some appetizing almond milk or butter. Go wild! RAW AND HEALTHY; these natural whole raw almonds are filled with wholesome nutrients such as vitamin E, antioxidants, calcium and ironSUPREME QUALITY: With every heavenly bite, you get to experience stringent quality standards,

There is a reason why almonds are one of the most popular nuts around: they allow you to do everything! If you're baking; they've got you, if you want a brilliant protein shake; they're up to the task, if you're looking for some heavenly butter; they are more than willing to get the job done. And since we pack the highest quality raw, shelled and unsalted almonds, you have enough freedom to work your magic. Nutrient Not only are these tongue-tantalizers absolutely delish, they are filled with tons of healthy goodness too! Every scrumptious crunch gives you a nice dose of free radical-busting antioxidants, skin-loving vitamin E and wholesome minerals such as copper, phosphorous and calcium. They are also high in protein and energy, making them the perfect snack just before you sweat it out in the gym. AIVA Nuts Natural Whole Raw Almonds Unsalted w/ No Shell's benefits include: - Insanely Delicious. - Perfectly sealed to guarantee freshness. - Raw, shelled and unsalted. Looking for a healthy snack that your taste buds.

AIVA Natural Whole Raw Almonds Unsalted No Shell 5 Lb YHLTLDIOX

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